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31 October 2014
# 5'2014 issue (September-October) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

09 October 2014
Moscow Defense Brief # 5, 2014 is released

09 September 2014
# 4'2014 issue (July-August) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

03 September 2014
Moscow Defense Brief # 4, 2014 is released

07 August 2014
Special issue of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released.

21 July 2014
3'2014 issue (May-June) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

05 June 2014
Moscow Defense Brief # 3, 2014 is released

07 May 2014
# 2'2014 issue (March-April) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

28 March 2014
Moscow Defense Brief # 2, 2014 is released

14 March 2014
# 1'2014 issue (January-February) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

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05 October 2014
Russia Must Expand Relationship With China
A significant number of the economic sanctions that the United States and European Union have imposed on Russia involve not just restrictions on exports of advanced and dual-use technologies, but also technology aimed at purely civilian use.
14 September 2014
Mistral Wasn't Irreplaceable
The recent sinking of the Mistral deal, in which France was to have supplied Russia with high-tech assault craft for 1.2 billion euros ($1.66 billion), was heralded as a political victory for the West. But despite the political setback, it may not be a military defeat. Russia may be able to procure a replacement from a more friendly nation perhaps even turning to staunch U.S. ally South Korea.
01 September 2014
A New, Senseless Cold War Is Now Inevitable
Turning points in history are rarely recognized as such by contemporaries. Even while following the news and sensing that something has gone wrong, people go about their lives in the usual way.
30 July 2014
The Time Factor: Possible Avenues of the Conflict in Ukraine
The self-defense forces in Donbass likely do not have the capability to win. Kiev will simply outlast the republics fighters. Ukraine still has many mobilization resources. The most important thing for self-defense fighters is not to win the war but rather not to lose it.
23 July 2014
Russia's Arms Market Thrives on Putin's Swagger
Russia was once again the world's second-largest arms exporter in 2013 according to Sweden's SIPRI, the most authoritative international institution studying the global arms trade.
02 June 2014
Ukraine Could Derail Russian Military Reform
Russian military actions in Crimea and throughout the crisis in Ukraine have led many to marvel at the "new model army" and improved, "rebooted" military force that the Kremlin now has at its disposal.
27 May 2014
Russia's Rapprochement with China Runs Deep
Former Chinese military attache to Russia General Van Yunhai recently remarked that the Ukrainian crisis had given Beijing at least a ten-year "strategic respite" from its global confrontation with the U.S.
12 May 2014
The Ukrainian Crisis: Possible Implications for the Russian Military Industry
The events in Ukraine and ensuing changes in Crimea have become among the highlights of 2014 and the entire post-Soviet period. Along with changes in the administrative territorial division of Ukraine and Russia, the declaration of an independent Autonomous Republic of Crimea and its accession to Russia directly affected the Russian armed forces.
04 March 2014
What Putin Really Wants
MOSCOW The decision of the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, to send forces into Crimea provoked a hysterical reaction, but his motives are less ambitious than is commonly assumed.
04 February 2014
Russian Military Complex: Results of 2013 and Expectations for 2014
Russia has been the runner-up on the global arms market for three years now. Moreover, it has maintained this position despite growing competition. In addition to the many advanced Western and Eastern countries that have retained huge defense industries as a Cold War legacy, a number of new players have emerged on the market during the last ten years, such as South Korea and Turkey, which were net arms importers for a long time but are now exporters. Many more countries will soon join the ranks of exporters, such as Singapore.
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