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28 March 2014
Moscow Defense Brief # 2, 2014 is released

14 March 2014
# 1'2014 issue (January-February) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

04 February 2014
Moscow Defense Brief # 1, 2014 is released

23 January 2014
# 6'2013 issue (November-December) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

30 December 2013
Moscow Defense Brief # 6, 2013 is released

07 November 2013
# 5'2013 issue (September-October) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

01 November 2013
Moscow Defense Brief # 5, 2013 is released

09 September 2013
# 4'2013 issue (July-August) of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

30 August 2013
Moscow Defense Brief # 4, 2013 is released

16 August 2013
Special Issue of Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal is released

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04 February 2014
Russian Military Complex: Results of 2013 and Expectations for 2014
Russia has been the runner-up on the global arms market for three years now. Moreover, it has maintained this position despite growing competition. In addition to the many advanced Western and Eastern countries that have retained huge defense industries as a Cold War legacy, a number of new players have emerged on the market during the last ten years, such as South Korea and Turkey, which were net arms importers for a long time but are now exporters. Many more countries will soon join the ranks of exporters, such as Singapore.
28 December 2013
Evolution of the Terror Threat Facing Russia
On October 21, 2013 a female suicide bomber blew up a bus full of passengers in Volgograd. Six passengers died at the scene; another woman died later in hospital; 37 people were injured. The bomber herself was also killed. She hailed from Makhachkala, in the troubled southern province of Dagestan, and belonged to a Jihadist group called The Caucasus Emirate (Imarat Kavkaz). The group consists of militant Islamists in the Russian North Caucasus and their sympathizers in the rest of the country.
29 October 2013
We Are Ready to Work With All Kinds of Companies
Interview with Andrey Grigoryev, director-general of the Advanced Research Foundation (ARF)
13 August 2013
The World vs Russia
Despite a multitude of various official doctrines and concepts, the Russian approach to strategic policy and national defence planning still remains internally inconsistent and haphazard. The Russian National Security Doctrine-2020, approved by erstwhile President Dmitry Medvedev in May 2009 (and clearly developed under the guidance of Vladimir Putin) is largely devoid of any political commitments or meaningful strategies.
30 July 2013
Military exercises in Eastern Russia: Initial results
The biggest readiness spot check in the post-Soviet Russian Armed Forces was held in the Eastern Military District from July 13 to 20. In addition to the Eastern Military District, it included the Central Military District, the Pacific Fleet and the Russian Air Force.
30 June 2013
Krylov State Research Center
The Krylov State Research Center is Russias leading shipbuilding research organization. For a long time it was known as the Academician Krylov Central Science and Research Institute; its current status is a federal state-owned unitary company (FGUP).
18 June 2013
Russia starts delivering $1 billion arms package to Azerbaijan
Russia has begun delivering tanks, artillery cannons and rocket launchers worth $1 billion to Azerbaijan, a Moscow-based defense group said on Tuesday, as the former Soviet republic strengthens its military readiness in the volatile South Caucasus.
21 May 2013
Russias position on the global arms market
The recent military expos in Brazil, Malaysia and Peru, as well as the latest statistics, confirm the fact that Russia ranks among the key players on the global arms market. Konstantin Makienko, Deputy Director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), discusses prospects for expanded Russian arms exports, as well as Moscows partners and rivals.
15 April 2013
The Sum Total of All Fears. The Chinese Threat Factor in Russian Politics.
Russian-Chinese relations have reached an unprecedented level of trust and cooperation in recent years. Moscow and Beijing act concertedly on the majority of international issues, and this is not just some passive support for each other but joint efforts to map out political moves. Military-technical cooperation in 2011-2012 basically returned to the golden age of the 1990s, with annual supplies coming close to $2 billion. In addition, the two countries have been conducting ever larger military exercises, marked by an increasingly higher degree of interaction.
28 December 2012
Looking for New Arms Export Markets: Focus on CIS Petro-States
Russian government officials in charge of arms exports continue to make optimistic noises in public but the situation with new export contracts is obviously deteriorating. The reasons for that are manifold. China has stopped buying new Russian ships and aviation platforms, with the exception of helicopters. There is growing competition on the Indian market.
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